Las formas del laberinto

Casares constructs his work in multiple realities; approached visually from a virtual perspective, it must be visually approached from a virtual perspective, the work must be the physical space at the same time.


Dolores Casares has been working in cities for a long time. He has built acrylic towerscrossed by threads and acupuncture needles where the projection of light onmovement generated a kind of city in shadows.


This piece is the product of a new type of work. Not only for the factthat technology is the main support but that it was carried out in acollective and collaborative. This meant working with others based onelements that were defined around dialogue.


The shapes of the labyrinth was presented for the first time on December 27September in a four-hour day in the space locatedin Villa Crespo. Through a turn system, those who approachedThey were able to put on the virtual reality headset and tour the work in thephysical space accompanied by an assistant. At its inauguration they attendedabout 200 people who were able to enjoy the experience which had aduration of 4 hours.

"My experience was a huge learning experience from working side by side with otherpeople, a real encounter. Where the idea of ​​my work does not existas unique, original, as an artist who produces, but is the resultof the meeting between someone who works from technological contributions,from music. From a large group of people we were able to put together a piecethat impacts and makes us reflect in another way. That we can think betweenall other types of productions or create other types of artistic proposals"

Dolores Casares
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